What are the benefits of Yoga for health?

benefits of yoga for health

Yoga has a lot of benefits to the health of an individual.

Yoga fights stress

When practiced correctly, yoga helps reduce the negative effects of stress on the body and mind and can help the body fight against aging. Indeed, stress and psychological trauma have a very negative impact on the body. Stress can cause hardening of the body’s soft tissues that contract in order to protect themselves.

When the body becomes too stressed or traumatized due to physical or mental problems, the brain will naturally try to limit its mobility so that there are no other complications. As a result, the body stiffens over time. Like an older person, the body becomes progressively stiffer and less agile.

As the person continues to age, physical stress and emotional stress impede the mind and body. This can give a new meaning to the term “grief” or “sideline”.

In addition, stress can simply give you a sense of discomfort that is difficult to pinpoint. For example, when a person’s mind, body and soul are stressed, the body becomes ill and may have difficulty absorbing nutrients, circulating oxygen or even giving the person a sensation.

Therefore, the body and mind must provide a greater effort to compensate, which can cause a number of health problems such as anxiety, apathy, fatigue and even depression or excessive anger.

A personalized yoga practice helps reduce body stiffness, improves circulation and allows the mind to find new ways to cope with difficulties.

We all know what it means to be stressed, especially with rising apartment rents, gas prices, declining incomes, job creation, etc. It is pretty easy to be stressed, anxious, constantly anxious, tense and fearful. If we are not able to find an outlet for these problems, our whole being will be affected in the end.

Yoga strengthens the immune system

It is likely that the first system to be affected is the immune system.

In extreme cases, this pressure caused by stress can build up dangerously over time and could lead to serious illnesses such as cancer.

However, practicing asanas (yoga postures) and pranayamas (controlling the subtle forces of life that are often done through special methods of breathing) can help protect the mind, body, and soul.

Yoga effectively helps the person to restore his or her balance.

Practicing asanas and pranayamas will help clean the internal organs by removing toxins from the body. In fact, when a person performs asanas, pranayamas, bandhas (which lock the vital energy or prana within the body), as well as the mudras (gestures or hand positions), it not only improves the blood circulation but also lung capacity which in turn helps to eliminate diseases and discomfort that can affect the mind and body.

This may be why in ancient times people believed that yogis could “live forever”.

Yoga rejuvenates

Stretching the body helps the cells to grow. In addition, good postural performance allows the muscles to have the proper position for each Asana.

As a result, the muscles are not worn and are further conditioned to stay in shape for life. This may be why many yogis seem much younger than they actually are.

Maybe we have something there. Is it possible that yoga is a new alternative to plastic surgery?

In fact, plastic surgery and yoga practice should not be compared. Yoga does not only transform the exterior of a person, but it also allows a transformation of the interior.

Yoga is a revolutionary method to perfect the intelligence, the body and the mind.

Yoga for a psychic balance

Yoga can also have a positive impact on a person’s psychic balance.

It has been proven that a person who practices yoga will go through incredible transformations that have a profound positive effect on his or her psychic balance.

Many people who practice yoga are less tense, less anxious and less worried. The practice of meditation, asanas and breathing exercises regularly, will increase the flexibility of the body and the tranquility of the mind.

Yoga helps to avoid and heal the spirit of mental disorders and the frenzy of modern life that can make us a little crazy sometimes.

Yoga for your well-being

Yoga also balances the mind and reduces apprehension, anger and uncertainty.

In addition, yoga does not only fight the thoughts of disappointment or doubt, it also reduces the feeling of uncertainty and live the present moment.

Yoga is known for its mysterious ability to make its practitioner more aware and attentive to the world around him. It can also decrease negative thoughts and motivate people. It also gives you a feeling of well-being and vitality.

According to a study by the Yale University School of Medicine, the results show that yoga has helped lower the blood pressure of people who have practiced meditation and yoga for at least three times a week.

For these people, the risk of heart disease is reduced. In addition, and according to Dr. Satish Sivasankaran, who led the study, yoga improves cardiovascular health in healthy individuals and in people with diagnosed heart disease.

He goes on to say that volunteers who followed a yogic meditation program that lasted six weeks saw an improvement in their blood vessel function by 17% while participants who had heart disease had an improvement of about 70%.

Yoga for the treatment of digestive, cardiac and muscular diseases

Yoga has been around for thousands of years.

Several researches have been done to establish the benefits of yoga for physiological and psychological health. Practitioners believe that the mind and body are one. So when the mind is placed in a favorable environment for its balance, the body will heal too.

Yoga practice can help improve heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure, strengthen the body’s immunity, improve heart capacity, and help reduce nervousness.

The practice of yoga also regulates the digestive functions, normalizes the endocrine secretions, increases the range of movement of the joints, increases the stamina, gives energy, develops the coordination eye-hand, promotes the sleep, etc … the list is long enough.

Studies conducted on the psychological benefits of yoga show that it can develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, well-being, as well as it can improve concentration, memory, emotions, cognitive ability, etc …

An interesting benefit of yoga is its ability to work all internal organs and glands by massaging organs during some asanas.

Time has proven that the yogic technique helps detoxify the body.

For example, by stretching the muscles and performing a deep massage, yoga provides a better flow of blood and liquids that your body needs. As a result, the toxins are eliminated from the body.

However, the most important health benefits of yoga are balance and the union of mind, body and soul.

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