Trigonometric Substitution Worksheets

Some of the worksheets below are Trigonometric Substitution Worksheets, Learning about the various types of trigonometric substitutions, table of Trigonometric Substitutions, Three main forms of trigonometric substitution you should know, several problems with solutions.

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Trigonometric Substitution : Table of Trigonometric Substitutions, sample trigonometric problems with solutions and exercises.

11 Trigonometric Substitution Problems with solutions.

Trigonometric Substitution : Solving integrals containing the given expressions.

Using the trigonometric substitution : 7 Problems.

Finding the following antiderivative using the u-substitution, Transforming the original antiderivative problem into a new problem written in terms of θ and dθ, …

Integration using trigonometric identities or a trigonometric substitution : Integrals involving products of sines and cosines, Integrals which make use of a trigonometric substitution, …

Trigonometric substitution list : Three main forms of trigonometric substitution you should know, the process for finding integrals using trig substitution, several sample problems with answers.

Trigonometric Substitution : A Tool for Evaluating Integrals – Identify keys to determining whether or not to use trig substitution, Solving the given integrals after the appropriate substitutions, …

Integration Worksheet – Substitution Method : 28 Interesting problems.

Answer sheets to the above worksheet:

Integration by Substitution : Evaluate each of the given indefinite integral, using the provided substitution.

Trigonometric Substitution : Learning about the various types of trigonometric substitutions, inverse substitution, changing the limits of integration, …

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