iPhone Repair Guides

Some of the documents below are iPhone Repair Guides – Apple iPhone 5s Disassemble Guide : Recommended Tools, Display Assembly (LCD & Touch Screen Digitizer), Front-Facing Camera & Sensor Flex Cable Assembly, iPhone, iPad and iPod Repair : iDevice Repair Best Practices, iPhone 3GS Disassembly and Reassembly, Sourcing iDevice Replacement Parts, …, Smartphone Hardware Sensors : Topics covered – Accelerometer , GPS, Gyroscope, … Read more iPhone Repair Guides

Fun Arduino Projects

Some of the documents below are Fun Arduino Projects – Making Robots With The Arduino : Introducing Arduino Robotics, Arduino Under the Hood, Main Components, Programming the Arduino, 20 Unbelievable  Arduino Projects : LED Cube, Component list, How does a LED cube work, The anatomy of a LED cube, Hardware debugging, Practical Arduino : Cool Projects for Open Source Hardware – Appliance Remote Control, Time-Lapse Camera Controller, Virtual USB … Read more Fun Arduino Projects

Troubleshooting and Repair of Electronics

Some of the documents below are Troubleshooting and Repair of Electronics – Fault Finding, Repair and Measurement, Fault Symbols and descriptions, PCB Rework and Repair Guide : A Comprehensive Guide, Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies : BGA Reballing Procedure, Bottom Terminated Device, Electrical and Electronics Engineering : Tools used in wiring,  types of circuit – open circuit, closed circuit, typical … Read more Troubleshooting and Repair of Electronics

Free Arduino Starter Guides

Some of the documents below are Free Arduino Starter Guides – Arduino For Beginners : What Is Arduino?, Types of Arduino Boards, Arduino Uno, Board Breakdown, …, Arduino Microcontroller Guide : What You Need for a Working System, Installing the Software, Connecting a Battery, …, Make: Getting Started with Arduino – Prototyping, Circuit Bending,  Programming Arduino : Getting Started with Sketches – Microcontrollers, Development Boards, A Tour of … Read more Free Arduino Starter Guides