Human Kidneys Worksheets

Some of the worksheets below are The kidneys and body balance Notes for Teachers, The Human Urinary System Worksheet – Parts of the Urinary System, The Structure of the Kidney, The Nephron, Filtration, Absorption, Student worksheet 2: kidneys and dialysis.

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The kidneys and body balance Notes for teachers

The Human Urinary System Worksheet – Parts of the Urinary System, The Structure of the Kidney, The Nephron, Filtration, Absorption

Student worksheet 2: kidneys and dialysis

Human Physiology/The Urinary System : Components of the Urinary Tract, Functions of the Urinary System, Organs in the Urinary System, Urinary Bladder, …

Biology Revision Worksheet Topic: Excretory System – Questions and Multiple choice Questions.

Human Kidneys Worksheets : A Basic Guide – Functions of kidneys.

Excretory system : worksheet – Questions about Excretory system.

Anatomy/Function of the Kidney : Definitions with colorful diagrams.

The kidneys and kidney disease : Questions like When kidneys don’t work!, How do you know if you have chronic kidney disease?, and What you can do to stop or slow kidney damage?.

Excretory System Worksheet : Fill in the blanks, label the structures of a kidney, …

The Kidney : Explanations – The kidney has 6 roles in the maintenance of homeostasis, Kidney Structure and Function, Nephron, …

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