Guide To Sensory Toys And How They Can Help Special Needs Child

Guide To Sensory Toys And How They Can Help Special Needs Child
As a parent, you would do anything for your child to help his autism. Well, sensory toys for autism could help more than you think. As you know, playing is one of the most crucial parts of a child’s life. It is one of the ways for their cognitive development. Their sensory abilities become stronger with toys and play they get into daily.

Children with autism need different toys to enhance their sensory skills. If you want to give your child sensory therapy autism, this guide will tell you how to do it. Let us begin by explaining to you what sensory toys mean.

What Are Sensory Toys?

Toys for sensory disorders indulge your children in sensory play. This kind of play stimulates their senses and makes them more aware. Usually, five different senses require stimulation when a child is young. These include:

  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Smell

If a child can’t make these senses work from the beginning, he has trouble sensing the world. These toys stimulate their motor skills and make them engage the top five senses. It helps them sense the world around them in a better way. Thus, toys for the sensory disorder are what your child needs to help his way through life.

There are multiple kinds of these toys you can find in the market. Each of them has a different purpose in stimulating their senses.

Types Of Sensory Toys

The market is full of these toys to help kids with autism. These engage your child’s attention both physically and mentally. Thus, they stimulate more than one particular sense.


Some of these toys aim at engaging your child’s attention through their eyes. For instance, some of these toys are very vibrant and of bright colors. You can get such toys online or from the market to engage your child’s visual interest.


The power of hearing is one of the most crucial senses. Hearing sensory toys for autism engage your child’s auditory capacity. There are different kinds of hearing toys available. For instance, you can get the rustling bells, whistles, and other instruments that make noise.


Engaging your child’s sense of touch is possible with sensory toys. Toys comprising of different kinds of stuff are available in the market. Some of these are hard, while others are soft. Getting your child these different toys can help distinguish between soft and hard touch. Thus, it contributes to the development of their sensory skills.


Some autistic children might have a weak sense of smell. However, a few toys have an aroma and can stimulate their smelling power. Besides, they are also perfectly capable of making your child curious about different kinds of smells.


Toys such as teething rings have different tastes. So, in addition to providing your child with oral satisfaction, they stimulate their taste.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Sensory Toys?

Now that you know how these majestic toys can help your autistic child, you might be interested in the best ones. Some of the best sensory toys you can get for your child include the following.

  • Rattle
  • Sensory Shapes
  • Wooden teething beads
  • Mirror toys
  • Shiny toys
  • Vibrant colored toys
  • Activity walkers
  • Xylophones
  • Mobiles
  • Stacking toys
  • Educational puzzles

The market is full of plenty of toys for sensory disorders. You can pick one that fulfills your child’s needs.

Now, you must think about how these toys can benefit your kid. As we said, there is no one way in which these toys can help you treat your child’s autism. But, on the flip side, you can use sensory therapy autism for its multiple benefits.

How Do Sensory Toys Help? (Top Benefits Of Sensory Toys)

While you might be doubting the success of these toys, chances are you might want to know about the benefits of these toys. Your child will experience not one but all of these benefits of sensory play with these toys.

Cognitive Development

Brain development is one essential factor in a child’s normal development. The sensory toys strengthen the functioning of their brain and thus its development. As a result, they make your child capable of retaining more things in his mind and developing his cognitive abilities. Besides, their hand-to-eye coordination also gets enhanced.

Language Development

Letting your child play with the different toys having varied shapes and sizes will engross their attention. Then, they start talking about the new shapes and sizes they play with. These toys act perfectly to help in language development for your child.

Motor Skills Enhancement

The sensory toys also aim at improving the motor skills of your child. It engages their muscle groups in activities such as tying or untying shoe laces, stacking toys, etc.,  and stimulates their motor skills. As a result, they can improve their running, walking, and jumping with better muscle group coordination.

Social Interaction

Your child becomes capable of interacting better within their social environment. Language development allows them to learn new words and improves their confidence.

Increases Awareness

These toys are best for improving their awareness and making them more cautious of their surroundings. Sensory toys are perfect for helping them learn the difference between functional and useless things. They also become more alert about the things happening around them.

Calming Effect

Your child should feel calm all the time to stay at peace. These toys have a calming effect on their mind. They can help do away with the feelings of boredom and discomfort.

Best Fun Time Play

The sensory toys are not perfect only for helping children with autism, but they are also the best way your child can have fun. These excite and encourage the children by allowing them to explore the world around them.


A child or an infant learns so many things when he is a kid. The best way to enhance their cognitive skills is to get them toys that stimulate their senses. These impact their learning power tremendously and also make them more alert.

If you wish to make them more aware, you can achieve it by engaging them with these toys. They might even help your child in their early years of education and learning.

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