Geometric Distribution Statistics Worksheets

Some of the worksheets below are Geometric Distribution Statistics Worksheets, explaining the different common probability distributions, viz, the uniform distribution, the bernoulli distribution, gamma distribution, with several exercises with solutions.

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Binomial and Geometric Worksheet : 9 Questions with answers.

Geometric Probability Distributions Worksheet : 5 Interesting questions.

Geometric Distribution Worksheet : 6 Interesting problems with solutions.

Normal, Binomial, Poisson Distributions : Calculate the probability of occurrences exactly, less than, more than,between given values, …

Bernoulli(p) and Binomial(n, p) Distributions : Several sample problems with solutions.

Common probability distributions : The uniform distribution, the bernoulli process and sampling with or without replacement, gamma distribution, …

Probability cheat sheet : Random Variables and their Distributions, covariance and transformations, …

Geometric Distribution Statistics Worksheets : Several examples with exercises.

Probability Distributions and Binomial Distributions : Several solved exercises.

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