Finding the Area between Curves

Some of the documents below discuss about finding the Area between Curves, finding the area enclosed by two curves, calculating the area bounded by a curve lying above the x-axis, several problems with steps to follow when solving them, …

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Solutions of Finding The Area Between Curves : 3 Problems with steps to follow when solving them.

Area Between Two Curves : Questions like Find the area of the shaded region analytically.

Practice Quiz – Area Between Curves : 8 Problems with solutions.

Finding the area enclosed by two curves : Several sample problems with answers.

Area Between Two Curves Worksheet : Questions like Sketch the graphs, shade the bounded region and find the area bounded by the given expressions.

Answer sheets to the above worksheet.

The Area Bounded by a Curve : Calculating the area under a curve, calculating the area bounded by a curve lying above the x-axis, …

Area Bounded by Three Curves : Find the area of a lake, …

Calculate the area between two curves : 11 Interesting problems with solutions and practice quiz.

Area Between Curves – Volumes of Solids of Revolution : Theorem, Disk Method, Washer Method, Shell Method, …

Applications of Integration : Several sample problems with solutions.

A Powerpoint Presentation on Areas Between Curves.

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