Converting Units of Measurement Word Problems Worksheets

Some of the worksheets below are Converting Units of Measurement Word Problems : Measurement Conversion Word Problems involving Length/Distance, Liquid Volume and Weight with solutions.

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Measurement Conversions Word Problems : Questions like A box contains 7 bags of salt. The total mass of all 7 bags is 35 kg. What is the mass of each bag in grams?, …

Measurement Word Problems Involving Units Length : Questions like To travel a hundred meters Anna takes a cab and travels eighty meters, how many more centimeters does she need to travel?, …, Solutions at the end.

Measurement Conversion Word Problems : Questions like Susan begins a new walking program with 600 m on the first day. Each day, she will increase her walk by 200 m. How many kilometers will she walk on day 18 of her program?, …, Solutions at the end.

Math Measurement Word Problems : Measurement Basics, Length Standard Units, Converting to Larger Units, Length Metric Units, …

Converting Units of Measurement Word Problems Worksheets : Converting Measurement Fun Activities.

Solve multi-step word problems involving converting : Word problems involving units conversion.

Length Word Problems : Questions like a worm is 15 inches long. It grows 23 inches. How long is the worm now?, a rope was 60 cm long. After I cut some off 27 cm was left. How much did I cut off?, Maria is 52 cm tall. Casey is 14 cm taller than Maria. How tall is Casey?, …

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