What are the benefits of Yoga for health?

Yoga has a lot of benefits to the health of an individual. Yoga fights stress When practiced correctly, yoga helps reduce the negative effects of stress on the body and mind and can help the body fight against aging. Indeed, stress and psychological trauma have a very negative impact on the body. Stress can cause hardening of … Read more

Safety in the Kitchen

Some of the documents below are Safety and Hygiene in the Kitchen : Safety in the kitchen – Accidents of all kinds can happen if we are not careful, Hygiene in the kitchen, …, Being Safe in the Kitchen : Identify the following practices as “safe” or “unsafe” on the lines provided, Kitchen and Food Safety Test : Which piece … Read more

Food and Hygiene Worksheets

Some of the documents below are Food and Hygiene Worksheets : Cleaning, Cross contamination, Cooking, …, Food, Hygiene and Health : Micro organisms and bacteria,  Diet and health, Importance of personal hygiene, Importance of food hygiene, …, Food Technology Workbook : Temperature Control, Food Hygiene and Safety, Fruit prep Knife skills Presentation, Carbohydrates & Dietary Fibres, … Once you find your document(s), you … Read more

Food Safety and Health

Some of the documents below are Food Safety and Health – Food Safety and Food Hygienic Practices : Quality in food, Food hazards, Benefits of quality systems in food, Common food safety system requirements, … Food and Cooking Safety : 10 Ingredients for a Safe Kitchen, Food safety, hygiene and preparation : identify healthy food choices, Identify potential hazards in the food preparation area, Once … Read more